Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dining at Disney - A 'Real Food' Challenge

I’ll be taking a blog break for the next week so we can go on a family vacation and veg (pun intended) out.  

Or will we?  

You see, we’re off to see The Mouse. Will veggies and other healthy food be readily available and easy to find? Will we need to pay an arm and a leg for it? We’re eager to find out if it’s possible to eat real, wholesome food on a tight budget while at Disney World. 

For instance, we probably won't be eating this:

But we may be eating this:

Chances are very good that we won’t find any organic fare at the parks but we’ll do our best to source out fresh, whole foods as much as possible. Our hotel has a fridge but no cooking facilities and we only plan to go to the grocery store once – snacks only.  So, we’ll be limited to park food and close-to-the hotel restaurants for our meals.  

Can we do it?  I think we can. I'm hopeful we can. Check back next week and find out.

Do you have any tips for us on our Disney World food adventure?  Please leave in the comments below...

Organically yours,


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Grogg said...

In the Magic Kingdom, I highly recommend the restaurant in Tomorrowland...the one that has roasted chicken & veggie plates. Very affordable, real food...esp'ly considering you can easily split one of the adult meals plus an extra side or 2 and have a meal for 4!

The buffet at the Crystal Palace also has a good selection (salad, fruit, etc.).

Check out for some pretty good deals at local places. And ask around about little Tacquerias for fresh Mexican (none of that chain junk).