Monday, December 1, 2008

Keywords - what what??

I’m a tech-friendly kind of gal, but most of the time I still find technology totally mind-blowing. And maybe a little scary… Seriously, when someone from 18-years ago can find me online it gives me pause. (This has happened more than once in the last week and a half. Hello, Facebook.)

It’s also enabled me to take my journal online (hello, Blogger) so that I have a record of this time in my life, and so do my kiddos.

I started this blog for a bunch of reasons. Mostly for the aforementioned record of history but to also let other parents of multiples know that they are not alone. Our stories are largely the same and I thought that even if one mom or dad found some support that it was a good thing. Since I co-founded a large “parents of multiples” club in my area I knew that our members might read my stuff. But I guess I never really thought that complete strangers might stumble across my blog, or even find it marginally interesting. But they have. And they’re from all over – Vancouver, Michigan, Florida, India, etc..

Today I thought it might be fun to see how people find me on the web. And I pulled up the keywords that people have used in Google that direct them to my blog.


The goods:

"do chickens like to play with toys"
“coke boston butt”
“she skinned her knee”
“daycare sick”
“hairstylist coke blog”


Some of these might make a little sense (I did write about J skinning her knee, a recipe about Boston Butt and the Mommy Wars as they relate to daycare) but really, someone was searching for “chickens that like to play with toys?” Someone actually put all those words together and plugged them into Google? And MY BLOG came up? Weird. (And maybe a little awesome.)

There's no doubt that the “hairstylist coke blog” search is super-crazy weird, right? For Pete's sake... That's not even CLOSE.

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