Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hacks R Us

I have a million simple parenting tips (or hacks) that make our twin life a little easier. It's not that I'm super clever or smart. It's called "survival." (Mothers are the necessity of invention, right?)

How to get your kids to wear band-aids? I've got the answer.

How to carry that basket at Target and push a double-stroller? We know how to do that too.

Yesterday I finally compiled one of our recent tips/hacks and sent it into Parent Hacks.com for consideration.

Stay tuned. :)

And just in case they don't post it, here 'tis:

How to distract kids after bath so you can dry and comb their hair, etc. *and* get their teeth brushed at the same time!

My 2.5-year old twin monkeys, er, kiddos are rarin’ to go after bath time and it’s almost impossible to corral them so we can dry them off, comb out their wet, tangled hair and also get teeth brushed. The solution? After removing/extracting them from the tub we wrap them in towels and sit them on the edge of the bathroom sink, feet first. We immediately give them one of our toothbrushes and a small cup with a little water and let ‘em have at it! They LOVE brushing their teeth with Mama and Papa's toothbrush and we can dry and comb their hair (and just about anything else) while they brush away. We’ve been doing this for weeks now and the ruse still works. Double-duty!


(Please note that the monkeys aren't hanging from chandeliers.)

Chalk one up for the parents. :)

p.s. Note the glass of red wine in the lower right of the frame. That's probably my all-time fave hack.


katfrogg said...

Um...didn't *I* tell you about those hooks? They're GREAT aren't they! Add a HUGE blue IKEA shopping bag and it holds WAY more than those store baskets!

Motherhood Uncensored said...

I just use a vibrating flashlight. *ahem* Works wonders.

Maybe I should send that to Parent Hacks?