Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The obligatory "100 things"

In keeping with bloggy tradition here is my “100 Things About Me” list. It might explain some of the stuff you read here every once in a while.


(No promises.)

1. I’m from a small town in Northern California.
2. I am the youngest of two.
3. My family had a red VW bus.
4. We went camping a lot.
5. And traveled Europe.
6. Also in a VW van.
7. I’m a Gemini.
8. My favorite color is red.
9. My nickname in Jr. High was “Hollywood.”
10. In 8th grade I was voted “Most Likely To Be A Solid Gold Dancer.”
11. I was proud of this honor.
12. I’ve always been very social.
13. I went to nine proms.
14. I *did not* put out.
15. I kept all the corsages.
16. I never took the SAT.
17. I was very good at soccer but chose dance instead.
18. I was a cheerleader.
19. I sang in a band.
20. We called ourselves, “Rapid Fire!”
21. We weren’t very good.
22. But we did awesome Pat Benatar covers.
23. I was the only freshman in the high school talent show.
24. My first rock concert was the B-52’s.
25. I broke my toe while slam dancing to “Rock Lobster.”
26. It was totally worth it.
27. My high school drama teacher told me that I didn’t have any talent.
28. I sent her a thank you note after I got accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.
29. My nickname in college was “Gidget.”
30. I lived near the beach and went nearly every day.
31. We used to bring kegs home on my skateboard.
32. I once fell asleep while riding my bike to work.
33. I worked at a coffeehouse in college and had to bake muffins at 5 a.m.
34. I think I was still drunk.
35. I fell out of a two-story window.
36. And only received 5 stitches.
37. I think I was still drunk.
38. I was on “The Dating Game.”
39. I won.
40. The prize was a trip to Xtapa, Mexico.
41. I went on the trip but ditched the date and stayed for 3 weeks.
42. I attended the Academy Awards in 1986.
43. Bette Davis was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Oscar that same year.
44. Bette Davis is my all-time, hands-down favorite actress.
45. I own Bette Davis’ brass headboard.
46. I bought it at her estate auction while living in NYC.
47. My roommate and I brought it home on the subway.
48. After that purchase I ate Top Ramen and beans for nearly a month.
49. I once passed out from dehydration while in the middle of a play.
50. I was playing Cinderella.
51. I got a standing ovation.
52. I have tattoos.
53. One of them is on top of the other.
54. I had a pierced nose.
55. And a pierced belly button.
56. I’ve had many jobs.
57. I used to sell digital printing services.
58. And manage an eclectic restaurant.
59. And run a flower stand.
60. And for a little bit I sold beach glass jewelry at craft fairs.
61. And I had a great run as an actress.

62. I got my first acting job when I was 9.
63. My longest career has been in public relations.
64. I’ve done that for 13 years.
65. I worked for the agency that launched the iMac, Yahoo! and Pixar during the dot com heyday.
66. It was awesome.
67. We didn’t know that we were making history.
68. I married my husband nearly 11 years after we first met.
69. His nickname back then was “Malibu.”
70. We call him “Danger Dad” now.
71. We met while I was performing in a show in Galveston, TX.
72. He was my boss.
73. He had no idea what he was getting in to.
74. *I* had no idea what I was getting in to.
75. We took a 4 year break.
76. It was fun but I missed him.
77. We got married less than one year after we started dating again.
78. We’ve been married for 9 years.
79. Some people say that we look alike.
80. I used to climb rocks. Big rocks.
81. I’ve climbed in the ‘Gunks, all over Northern and Southern California, Texas and many places in between.
82. We have a climbing wall in our basement.
83. I’m a self-professed Foodie even though I hate the word “Foodie.”
84. I’m a recipe tester for Cook’s Illustrated magazine.
85. We spent two weeks with Tony Robbins in Hawaii. THAT Tony Robbins.
86. He’s a giant weirdo.
87. I’ve spent some time with BB King on his tour bus.
88. He’s awesome.
89. I read the obits every Wed.-Sun.

90. I do a crossword every day.
91. I always knew that I would have twins.
92. My grandmother is a twin.
93. My maternal grandmother has twin brothers.
94. My cousin has triplets.
95. My nephews are twins.
96. I am surrounded by twins.
97. I co-founded the Parents of Multiples Club in my city.
98. We have about 130 paid families with at least 2 new families joining every week.
99. I tandem breast-fed my twins.
100. It was a freak show.

101. But totally worth it.
102. I worry about being a good mom.
103. I’m just now realizing that there are way more than 100 things to list so I’m going to list 110 things.

104. I thought I would have at least five children.
105. I want my children to have an awesome childhood.
105. And overall awesome *life.*

106. I am certain that I could kill someone with my bare hands if they ever laid a finger on either of my children.
107. I hope to be my children's friend some day.
108. I really love being a mom. It's magic.
109. It's the hardest thing I have EVER done.
110. I want to make a difference. (That's kind a trite way to end this but it's true.)

What are your 100 things... (or maybe your Top Ten...?)


Mayberry said...

ooh, all KINDS of good stuff. almost all of these could launch a post unto itself!

katfrogg said...

Hmmm...I think I have a bit of insight into why we clicked!

top 10

1. I was born in the Mississippi delta.
2. I grew up in the South.
3. I took a "sabbatical" in Utah for nearly 3 years.
4. I still have my "original set" of parents.
5. Red is my favorite color.
6. I'm addicted to school.
7. I hate wearing lipstick.
8. I feel naked without mascara.
9. I knew I was going to marry "him" after our first date.
10. I was right.


Momma in the raw said...

This is a toughie. I'll spare you the 100+ things about myself, and leave you with a more condensed and disturbing list.

1. I was born in Hammond, Indiana even though we lived in Illinois.

2. I am the middle child, and yes I have the classic "middle child" syndrome. Pay attention to me!

3. I grew up in Florida, but I HATE hot weather and beach sand.

4. I was on the Ricki Lake show in 1994. And no the show's topic was not on paternity tests. It was on lifeguards.

5. I was an open water lifeguard and worked at a County beach during college.

6. I have had some very odd jobs in addition to lifeguarding. I was a cab dispatcher and a toll collector both on the graveyard shift. I got a paycheck each week and a story to go with it.

7. Every year on my birthday I consume an entire box of Swiss Cake Rolls.

8. The smell of peaches in any form be it solid or liquid = throw up. So mark off peach body wash as a "regift" for me.

9. I am sometimes frightened by how MUCH I love my children.

10. I once used a toothbrush to clean the toilet. It belonged to my roommate at the time. And no, to this day he has no idea.

11. I am still in love with my husband after almost 10 years together.

12. I wrote a children’s book.

13. I can name all 43 presidents of the United States.

14. I know all my prepositions. It's always been a nervous habit of mine to repeat them in my head. And yes, I am going through them right now.

15. I play four very nerdy musical instruments.

Lisa said...

I'm also a singer, have tattoos, and used to have the same piercings you mentioned. There were many other similarities, maybe we'll talk about those some time.
Had fun this morning!